How to set priorities

| November 19, 2012 | 1 Comments

juggling prioritiesNow that we’ve talked about managing your time and goal setting, we’ll tackle prioritizing them.

What is a priority and how do I set them?

A priority is defined as a precedent in rank or the most important item.

When setting your priorities for the day and for the week think about which will have the biggest impact. Limit your business priorities to no more than 3-5 in a week (home and family priorities will be added on top of these).

What do I do after prioritizing?

Each priority should be approached as its own project and given a NAME. Use something that is consistent with your goals and that is actionable. For example, when I set writing this blog post as a priority I didn’t call it blog writing, but instead Monday Blog – Setting Priorities.

By giving the priority a Name you are also giving it a purpose or a reason. Why do you want to accomplish this task and why is it a priority?

My Monday blog posts are about motivation, productivity and time management. By breaking my blogging calendar into themes I have time to do the research and obtain specific information on the topic. This is important to keep continuity in my blog.

Planning ahead

Part of Project Management is the process. Having a draft of your plan will guide your process and chart the resources that you will need to complete your priority. For me this is an Editorial blogging calendar for the year. Having the major milestones in place guides your actionable tasks.

Writing down what the end result looks like is also very important. Be very clear with this. This will let you know when you are completely done. Otherwise, it’s very tempting to always keep adding stuff and then you’ll end up trying to hit a moving target.

Leave a comment below and tell me what your biggest priority is this week and what project name you will assign it.

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