Last weekend I went naked

| February 6, 2013 | 3 Comments

Well not truly naked, naked.

I went without pen. I went without paper. I also went without post-its, notes and sharpies.

I went with only my iPad (and the note-taking app, Evernote) in tow.

You see, I have been trying – really trying – to go paperless for years. My recent trip to Toronto for the Interior Design Show presented the perfect opportunity to go cold turkey. Most people know that I am a die hard fan of pen and paper with lots of notebooks to show for my efforts. All these notebooks full of pictures, ideas, bubbles, writing with coloured pens for different thoughts and not being very productive as a result as those thoughts and ideas.

Last year, I tried a mix of paper and digital with a muddled effort. We “organizing experts” always (mostly always) say “stick to one system” and I did not do that. We also say if one system doesn’t work, try other systems. You are not tied to one system forever or else you would not evolve.

Photo courtesy of Cocoon Innovations.

So, the trip to Toronto was planned. We chose Via Rail business class as we enjoy the comfortable seats, the food, the free wifi – and the wine. :) It also gives me an opportunity to work uninterrupted for a couple of hours (something that I don’t get when flying).  Knowing that I had access to wifi all weekend, I bit the bulletand packed everything I needed in my purse using GRID-IT!®.

I had my iPad, my camera, power cords and chargers, stylus, and ear buds. That is all I took with me for writing, capturing ideas, photos and thoughts.

Evernote synced them all and it’s searchable…unlike my previous paper notebook system.

It was a very productive weekend – and going naked wasn’t that bad at all.

What’s your preferred way of collecting thoughts and ideas?

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  1. Brian says:

    Finally, a post that I read.

  2. Lia says:

    Was concerned for a sec.. LOL.
    Have you tried the app called ColorNote for to do lists? I find it user friendly, colorful, and overall awesome.

  3. Heather says:

    I will have a look at this app. Thank you for the suggestion especially as you find the app awesome.

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