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I like to keep things simple and inexpensive for my organizing clients. Starting out in the organizing process (oh, this is a process!), I don’t want anybody investing in organizing products they may not need down the line. This week, I’m featuring the many uses for shoe holders/organizers. They’re not just for shoes!

Organizing Toys

Toys can overwhelm a space faster than anything I know, especially those with small pieces. If the toys are put into clear shoe organizers, it’s easy to see what is there, as opposed to dumping the toys all over the place.


Some examples are:                                         A sample for action figures for easy access:

toys organized in shoe organizeraction figures in shoe organizer











Source: Kim’s Crazy Corner                                           Source: Organize Your Stuff Now


This is for Barbie or similar sized dolls: barbies in shoe organizer

Source: Container Store

I really like the above organizer from the Container Store. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the 20-Pocket Eco-Fabric Overdoor Shoe Bag is an earth-friendly way to organize your shoes, toys, and pantry items. A steel hanging bar provides added support and prevents sagging. And smaller toys: small plush toys in a shoe organizer

Source: Right At Home

And now for something completely different for shoe organizers…


A shoe pocket garden:                                            This one shows how to start plants:

                                           shoe pocket gardenshoe planter










Source: Apartment Therapy                                                    Source: Branch Habitat

Around the house

In the pantry, the organizer holds snacks: shoe organizer for snacks

Source: Mom on Timeout

Organizing the Baby’s Room

shoe organizer for baby items

Source: The Frugal Free Gal

Organizing Personal Care Items in the Bathroom

personal care items organizer

Source: Mom on Timeout

Organizing the Home Office

Cable Management:                                             Office Supplies

storing cables in a shoe organizeroffice supplies in a shoe organizer

Source: Ginger Meyer at Pinterest



Source: I Heart Organizing


Organizing Outdoors

For BBQ’s or camping: camping items organizer

Source: News 24

Organizing School Supplies


And for supplies in the classroom:

 school supplies shoe organizerclassroom items shoe organizer








Source: I Can Teach My Child


Source: I Can Teach My Child

Organizing Craft Supplies

Punches for scrapbooking or card making

Skeins of wool can be placed in the shoe organizer, as can fabric, beads, paints.

art supplies organizer

Source: Memories by Bee

An Advent Calendar

advent calendar in a shoe organizerSource: Eighteen 25

Shoe organizers can also be used to organize the back seat of the car, cleaning products, and water bottles; as well as scarves, hats and mittens in the winter.

How else could you use a shoe organizer?

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